Student Dress Code

At St. Mark’s, we believe a student uniform complements our desire to improve the educational atmosphere on campus.  Students in grades Pre-Kindergarten 4 through 8th must follow a dress code.  Administration, support staff and teachers will enforce the code.  Pre-Kindergarten 3 students are not required to wear uniforms.

Girls are required to attend school in the following attire:

  • Navy blue slacks, skirt, skort or shorts. The “Classic Navy Large Plaid” from Dennis Uniforms or Lands End in skirt or jumper may be worn. No torn or ripped clothing or miniskirts/dresses. Skirt length no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Red or White short or long-sleeved shirt (Navy blouses are permitted only if worn with St. Mark’s sanctioned plaid jumpers or skirts.)
  • Leggings or tights may be worn under skirts and dresses only (not as pants), and must be solid blue and white. Long solid socks in navy, white or red may also be worn with skirts and dresses.
  • No light blue or red pants, dresses, shorts, skort or skirts.
  • No high top or knee top converse style tennis shoes allowed.
  • No extreme haircuts or hair color, temporary or permanent.
  • No visible temporary tattoos or extreme nail color.

Boys are required to attend school in the following attire:

  • Navy blue pants or shorts only. No torn or ripped clothing.
  • Black, brown or navy belts are to be worn for 1st-8th grades if the garment has belt loops.
  • White or red short or long-sleeved shirt with collar or turtleneck. Shirts must be tucked in.
  • No high top converse style tennis shoes.
  • Hair must be worn well groomed and above the collar.
  • No extreme haircuts (Mohawks, rat tails, etc.) or hair color, temporary or permanent. Boy’s hair should be at the top of the collar or above.
  • No visible temporary tattoos.


School Uniform

Free Dress


Students should wear tennis shoes at all times.  Tennis shoes may be in a color that complements the uniform-No extreme colors, or patterns will be allowed.

Sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies worn in the building must be uniform colors (white, red, navy or any approved St. Mark’s clothing)  All outside wear may not feature brand names like “Gap”, “Abercrombie”, “Hollister” or Sports team’s logos.  In regard to hoodies, hoods may not cover the head or face at any time.  

Sweatshirts may be worn to and from school but NOT be worn in class August, September, April and May.  Shorts may NOT be worn to school or class from November through February.

Uniforms are required every day, Monday through Friday, with the following exception:  All half days will be considered “Free Dress” days with the following guidelines:  No low-cut, midriff, backless, tank or spaghetti strap tops; no sunglasses, hats or caps may be worn, no cut-off jeans with holes; no ultra baggy “low rider” or low waist band pants or shorts; no short shorts or mini dresses/skirts.

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