Track & Field 4th – 8th Grade - Boys and Girls

St. Mark’s participates in the Southwest Christian Athletic Association. League members include private Christian schools from around the El Paso region. St. Mark’s has been a leader in the Association and is proud of the commitment, teamwork and tenacity shown by our teams on the field and court. Our track and field curriculum is based on age appropriate expectations. We teach skills needed for success and develop the knowledge and understanding of track and field. We support and collaborate with our coaches as well as support student academic expectations, responsibilities, and achievements.  We use lessons that teach the basic athletic skills for each event. This will give our young runners the foundation for learning good running form and for becoming skilled athletes in general.

Contact Athletic Coordinator Miguel Higgs for information about joining or coaching a team.

Track and Field Accomplishments

2015  Boys Track & Field SWCAA Track Champions

2015  Junior High Boys Track & Field SWCAA Champions


Photos & Videos
Miguel Higgs
Athletic coordinator