Library Information:

Our books are labeled by reading level according to Accelerated Reader or Scholastic.

We provide AR testing (Accelerated Reader), which test students on books that they have read. This helps our  students know their reading level.


Tips for taking care of library books:

Keep library books clean. TIP: Wash your hands before reading your library books.  Any dirt on your hands will go down the drain rather than onto your book.

Be kind to your books. TIP: Use a bookmark. Any tears or folds might ruin the book for the next readers.

Return library books on time. TIP: Keep books in your backpack when you take them home.  You will always have them when it is time to return them.

Choose the right library book for you. TIP: Ask your friends or Ms. Samantha for good book suggestions.  Your next favorite book might be one you have never heard of.

Handle your library books gently so the next person to read them has the same great experience you had. TIP: Be honest if you accidentally damage a book.  Admitting the truth rather than hiding the damage will impress your teachers.