Elementary Music

The music program at St. Mark's strives to meet the rich NAfME (National Association for Music Education) standards with a strong emphasis on vocal performance, music literacy, music literature, experience with both pitched and unpitched instruments and (beginning in 4th grade) experience learning woodwind performance technique through the soprano recorder.

Students who wish to pursue flute, oboe, clarinet, or bassoon will have the foundational knowledge to transition easily to these next instruments after their time in St. Mark's Elementary Music.

Our repertory selections for classroom as well as concert use, span centuries of both western and world music from both secular and sacred perspectives. We introduce healthy vocal technique, canons, bordun, ostinato, countermelody, and cutting edge arrangements designed specifically for young voices in each semester’s lesson plans. With the support of Principal Linda Smith and the PSC, we have supplemented our program with a wide range of instruments and have actively sought out some of the highest rated national curriculum as well as new materials that I create solely for the use of our students.

I firmly believe that music, in all of its forms, is a pathway to both academic and interpersonal achievement and I’m honored to lead the students of St. Mark's School in this fundamental education experience.